We approach security culture and engineering solutions following our three core values describe at the bottom.

Security culture

Based on the Phishing and Fraud report from F5 (2020), phishing attacks account for the top cyber threat pretty much in every country. These type of attacks are so successfull because they exploit a skill often overlook by most businesses: trust. With a culture of transparency, honesty and integrity a company can build trust which translates in the employees doing the right thing when it comes down to protect what is most important to every company: its data.


Today's modern infrastructures bring new security challenges to be solved fast and at scale. With the thriving ecosystem of technologies around, each company is growing more unique in its technology stack. Therefore security must take a new approach to solve these challenges. We have years of expertise in build tools for cloud-first startups aiming at securing the company's most critical assets at scale in a fast-changing context.


To handle large amount of data and make it actionable, to integrate the myriad of different services a company needs, to react fast in almost real-time. These are just few of the challenges that automation helps you solve, and it does in a repeatable, auditable and fast way.

Open feedback culture

Empower the employees to speak and share freely their feedback it's essential to build a strong security culture and healthy environment. This is why we adopt an open feedback culture: a culture built on honest feedback between employees, no matter where they fall into the organizational chart, where every employee feels they have the right to give feedback.


There are few things that drive innovation: passion is definitely one of those. It allows you to go the extra mile, to cheerfully push for what is right, to find meaning and purpose on the day to day job. With us, you can be sure to hire passionate professionals who live and breath security, who are always eager to learn and solve challenges.