About me

Fast and avid learner, passionate, security is not a 9 to 5 job: it’s a mindset who needs proactive thinking and change of prospective between attacker and defender. This attitude allowed me to meet and exceed managers' expectations, making an impact in every team I had the pleasure and honor to work with.

Since I was 14, when I approached cybersecurity for the first time, I never stopped learning: from an offensive mindset to a blue team one, going through incident response, I find myself at ease with most aspect of security, including policies and procedures.

In today’s companies, where workforce is composed by people from all over the world and different walk of life, communication and interpersonal skills are key for personal, team and business success. I am constantly studying how to improve my emotional intelligence in order to have a positive impact not only from a technical prospective but also from an human point of view: creating bonds is the best way to move forward unite in the same direction.

#cyberresilience #holisticsecurity #leadbyexample #automateallthethings #showup

Quote that speaks to me the most: Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion. (cit. Friedrich Hegel).